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I voted today bright and early at 7 AM

I voted for Barack Obama-no brainer from me.

I voted no on prop 8- One thing Junglefowl and I can agree on, This amendment is an attempt to discriminate against homosexuals, and a blatent attempt to subvert the judiciary.

I voted Jeff Morris for my district rep in the US Congress. Wally Herger is a complete tool, and Jeff has a great bredth of knowledge of our districts concerns and issues.  I hope he beats herger and represents California's second district well.

Tuesday, November 4th

It's in two days.

To all my friends under 18, convince your older friends to vote.

To Junglefowl, Even though we have different views, I still respect your differing viewpoints, and always enjoy debating and dueling ideas.

*cough* Hey Shizuma...


Just a little bit of good news about your home state.

Also, his immagration reform plan may help you get some traction in Arizona.

EDIT: Irony, let me show you it!

Oct. 30th, 2008

I said it, I mean it, I stand by it.

From "thoughtful centrist" to "way too liberal" and "dangerous socialist." Never has massive fail been so monumental and so concentraited in a single human being.

Also, the most liberal senator title goes to Russ Feingold of Wisconson.

Ok, I've expunged my rage at McCain's latest hypocracy.

Loved him in 2000, total dorknozzle now.

Why is this so familiar?

McCain is trying ot paint Obama as a radical socialist who want to spread wealth....where have I heard a republican trying to paint a democrat as a dangerous leftist radical....?



The Goldwaters are endorsing Barack Obama for President.

Shizuma, Arizona just became a battleground State.

Karheem Kahn 1987-2007


More important than Powell's endorsement of Obama today is the story of Karheem Kahn. Personally I think it's the most moving and poinient story of the day.

This Muslim boy put on the uniform of the United States Military and died for this country, his country.

EDIT: A compalation of Powell's Rational compared to video evidence.


Today was a good day, not for democrats, but for sanity returning to American discourse.


So when it's for banks and big businesses, it's a bailout, but when the middle class get a tax cut, it's wellfare?

A republican president socializes the nation's largest banks and a democrat is a socialist?

It seems the Republican Party enjoys class warfare.

In all fairness I completely understand the need for conservitive voices in government, but how can anyone call the Republican party in it's current incarnation "Conservitive"?

To the Editor:

Fair taxation isn’t about “redistributing the wealth” — it’s about giving back to the great country that gave you the opportunity to benefit so greatly.

It’s not about taking money from “Joe the Plumber.” It’s about making sure that “Joe’s Mega-Plumbing Incorporated” gives back to the country and the people who gave him:

¶Roads and bridges for his trucks to roll on.

¶Support for research for his latest plumbing equipment.

¶Public education so he can have a well-trained work force.

¶Markets so he can raise capital.

¶Police and firefighters so his business is protected.

¶Health care so the employees who helped him build his business can stay on the job.

¶Freedom so that he can build his business creatively.

If “Joe” has been able to become wealthy because of the bounty of America, then he should pay his fair share back to America — that is patriotic.

Daryl Altman

Lynbrook, N.Y., Oct. 16, 2008

I know not everyone is going to see it this way, but this is a fairly good case for Obama's tax plan.